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Welcome to the Schwartz glossary, an A to Z guide to cookery terms. Whether it's herbs and spices, names of dishes or cooking techniques, you'll find them here, along with suggested recipes and links to more information.

  • Lard
    • Made from rendering pork fat and leaving to cool, producing a hard, white fat. Lard was popular in the past for frying, but health awareness has decreased its popularity for this purpose and it is now used mainly in some forms of baking and pastry making. If used half and half with butter it will give a light, crumbly pastry.
  • Leerdamer Cheese
    • A Dutch, semi-hard cheese made from cow’s milk. Generally boulder-shaped, and sold in portions, it has a smooth, natural rind and a pleasant creamy texture and flavour. Ideal as a table cheese or for grilling, as it will melt well. If you can’t find it, try Emmental or Gruyère cheese. (See also Emmental Cheese, Gruyère Cheese)
  • Lemon Grass
    • A perennial tufted plant with a bulbous base that grows in dense clumps, the cut stems are used for cooking and resemble spring onions. Once chopped they release a beautiful citrus aroma, which is combined with a delicious tangy lemon flavour without the acidic notes usually associated with lemon. Typically used in Asian cuisine. Bruise the entire stem and add to marinades and dressings, and remove before serving, or remove the outer layers of the lemon grass stem and finely dice the remaining and use in stir fries, sauces, curries and soups. If you can’t find it, you can try lemon rind, but it will lack the intensity of fresh lemon grass.
  • Light Brown Soft Sugar
    • A popular sugar, with a mellow syrupy flavour and pale golden colour, used for making fruit cakes and puddings. Readily available in supermarkets. If you can’t find it try Demerara sugar. (See also Demerara Sugar)
  • Linguini
    • Very thin, spaghetti-like pasta that has flattened edges, making it square in shape rather than round, like spaghetti. Delicious served with olive oil and tomato-based sauces. Readily available, fresh and dried, in supermarkets. If you can’t find it, try spaghetti.
  • Liqueur
    • A liqueur is an alcoholic beverage that has been flavored, typically with fruit, herbs, nuts, spices or cream and then bottled with added sugar. They are typically sweet in flavour and are usually not aged for long.
  • Lychee
    • A pearly-white fleshed fruit with a knobbly, reddish skin. The flesh is juicy, sweet and fragrant. Equally delicious eaten raw, added to fruit salads, or poached in a sweet lemon and ginger syrup. Lychees are also delicious combined with lemon grass, Ginger and Sesame for savoury dishes. Readily available fresh and tinned.

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