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How to make pancakes

5 pancake recipes that pack a punch

Pancake Day falls on February 17 and we've been scouring our glorious recipe archives to find the best recipes around. Here’s 5 ideas, old and new:

  • Sometimes simple is best. Our Basic Pancake recipe is perfect for beginners or for those cooking with children. Just add a dash of Schwartz Sea Salt or drizzle of lemon and sugar for yumminess in an instant.
  • Pancakes aren't just for dessert! If you fancy a savoury option, our Cheesy Bacon Pancakes are marvellously moreish, combining mushrooms and a rich Cheddar cheese sauce.
  • Looking to impress someone? These tasty Crepes Florentino make a great main course as they contain Schwartz Italian Seasoning and healthy spinach.
  • Chocolate makes most things better in life, including pancakes. You don't need any more reasons to try these Pancakes with Orange and Chocolate Sauce.
  • Indulge your sweet tooth with our American Raspberry Pancakes recipe. The delicious combination of raspberries and Vanilla seeds make these pancakes extra special.

At Schwartz, we’ve put together a selection of our favourite pancake recipes and topping ideas which you can enjoy throughout the year. This is how to make pancakes, Schwartz style!

Savoury Pancake Toppings

Tomato and mushroom
Try frying a handful of sliced mushrooms and couple of chopped shallots with a little Schwartz Garlic Cooking Paste for 4-5 minutes.
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Ham Spinach & Cheese
Try wilting a couple of large handfuls of spinach in a pan with few sliced spring onions.
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Sweet Pancake Toppings

Butterscotch and Ginger Sauce for pancakes
Try making a delicious butterscotch sauce for pancakes. 
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Charred Orange, Black rum and Allspice pancakes
Make a delicious sweet sauce for pancakes by placing 75g granulated sugar and ...
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Mixed berries and Cinnamon
To make a simple fruity sauce to go with your pancakes place 450g mixed frozen berries
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Basil, chocolate and passion fruit
Try making a delicious passion fruit cream filling for pancakes by beating together mascarpone cheese, juice ot passion fruit, caster sugar and the seeds from a Schwartz vanilla pod.
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