Recipe 1

Roast Chicken

Nutritional Analysis for roast chicken (263g) with 80g green beans and 120g new boiled potatoes in their skins.

  Per serving (473g) Per 100g
Energy 1625kj/388kcal 352kj/84kcal
Fat 12.3g 2.7g
Saturates 2.4 0.5g
Carbohydrate 28.0g 6.0g
Sugars 6.6g 1.4g
Protein 43.0g 9.4g
Salt 0.38g 0.08g

Chicken Stir-fry

Nutritional Analysis for Chicken Stir-fry (273g) plus boiled noodles (200g)

Per serving (473g) Per 100g
Energy 1465kj/350kcal 310kj/74kcal
Fat 9.0g 1.9g
Saturates 1.0 0.2g
Carbohydrate 40.0g 8.5g
Sugars 12.7g 2.7g
Protein 29.0g 6.2g
Salt 1.51g 0.32g

Recipe 2

Recipe 3

Vegetable Pasta

Nutritional Analysis for Vegetable Pasta

Per serving (386g) Per 100g
Energy 1947kj/465kcal 502kj/120kcal
Fat 8.7g 2.3g
Saturates 2.8 0.7g
Carbohydrate 79.0g 21.0g
Sugars 14.4g 2.8g
Protein 21.0g 5.6g
Salt 1.16g 0.30g

King Prawn Curry

Nutritional Analysis for Prawn Curry (355g) and 150g boiled rice

Per serving (505g) Per 100g
Energy 1738kj/415kcal 343kj/82kcal
Fat 4.8g 1.0g
Saturates 0.7 0.1g
Carbohydrate 68.0g 13.4g
Sugars 11.20g 2.2g
Protein 29.0g 5.8g
Salt 0.66g 0.13g

Recipe 4

Recipe 5

Chickpea Curry

Nutritional Analysis for chickpea curry (222g) with 1⁄2 wholemeal pitta bread and 125g mixed salad

Per serving (381g) Per 100g
Energy 1310kj/313kcal 343kj/82kcal
Fat 11.2g 3.0g
Saturates 1.5 0.4g
Carbohydrate 45.0g 11.7g
Sugars 14.1g 3.7g
Protein 11.4g 3.0g
Salt 0.86g 0.23g


Nutritional Analysis Burger (190g) with bun and salad as above

Per serving (306g) Per 100g
Energy 437kj/1838kcal 143kj/599kcal
Fat 16.4g 5.4g
Saturates 5.9 1.9g
Carbohydrate 41.0g 13.3g
Sugars 5.8g 1.9g
Protein 35g 11.3g
Salt 2.14g 0.70g

Recipe 6

Recipe 7

Chilli Con Carne & Rice

Nutritional Analysis

Per portion (423g) Per 100g
Energy 2359kj/559kcal 535kj/127kcal
Fat 15.9g 3.6g
Saturates 5.4g 1.2g
Carbohydrate 72g 16.4g
Sugars 12.5g 2.8g
Protein 36g 8.2g
Salt 1.06g 0.25g

Spaghetti Bolognaise

Nutritional Analysis

Per portion (468g) Per 100g
Energy 2245kj/533kcal 455kj/108kcal
Fat 17.9g 3.6g
Saturates 6.7 1.4g
Carbohydrate 56g 11.4g
Sugars 14.7g 3.0g
Protein 40g 8.2g
Salt 1.07g 0.21g

Recipe 6

Recipe 7

Macaroni Cheese

Nutritional Analysis

Per portion (319g) Per 100g
Energy 2103kj/498kcal 659kj/156kcal
Fat 16.1g 5g
Saturates 7.6g 2.4g
Carbohydrate 77.0g 24.0g
Sugars 14.4g 4.5g
Protein 16.3g 5.1g
Salt 0.89g 0.28g