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Cumin Ground

Ah, the fresh scent of cumin, with its strong, earthy aroma offering a beautiful layer of flavour to almost any dish. The spice is used in many world dishes, most notably in the Middle Eastern cuisine. Ground cumin is perfect for beautifully aromatic sauces and marinades, providing the backbone to other spice blends or simply sprinkling over salads for an intriguing edge.

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Ground Cumin

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Use generously to taste.

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Usage Tips

Ground cumin is wonderfully versatile, adding a bold depth of flavour to beans, pulses and other vegetarian ingredients. It can be lightly toasted before cooking to release whole new flavour landscapes, or simply sprinkled over dishes or salads before serving for an extra kick.

Why not try...

...combining ground cumin with ground coriander to give Indian food its characteristic aroma? Add to Mexican dishes such as chilli con carne for an aromatic flavour, or simply mix in to with vegetables, beans and pulses.

Store in a cool, dry place out of direct sunlight.

Cumin Ground

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