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Take your health kick to tasty new levels with Turmeric

Schwartz Butternut Squash Curry

Schwartz Cinnamon Simnel Cake


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The Black Pepper Secret: 5 tips for sweet & savoury surprises

There’s no doubt about it, black pepper is the unsung hero of the herb and spice rack. But while it maintains a steady presence bringing extra depth to many a recipe, it’s much more than salt’s seasoning sidekick. Here, we tell you how to use a touch of black pepper to bring a pop to sweet dishes, or vary your savoury recipes with the punch of coarse ground peppercorns.

Schwartz’s new Street Food seasonings range wins Product of the Year 2019

In the largest consumer survey of its kind, voted for by over 10,000 consumers, Schwartz’s Street Food Seasonings range has been crowned winner of Product of the Year 2019 within the Seasonings category.

Pancake Day: The Ultimate Pancake Guide

Who’d have thought that Pancake Day originally started as a way to use up ingredients before 40 days of fasting? Today, it’s the perfect excuse to eat too many of our favourite sweet and savoury creations! These pancake recipes have been specially prepared to wow your friends and family – regardless of culinary ability. Frying pan newbie? Never fear – we’ll tell you how to make flip-perfect pancakes in a jiffy. Or if you’re a dab hand with the basics, why not try something new this year with crispy pancake rolls or oozy crêpe Florentine.

Why jambalaya should be your new go-to midweek meal

A fusion blend of French and Spanish influence, Cajun-style jambalaya was in fact first whipped up in the sunny climes of Louisiana, one of the modern world’s great cultural melting pots. This classic American dish isn’t much younger than the country itself, and ever since the expertly blended flavours have been continuously honed and crafted to perfection – just like our recipe mix, in fact.