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Schwartz Cinnamon Simnel Cake

Schwartz Hollandaise Sauce

Schwartz Mediterranean Vegetable Shakshuka

Schwartz Cinnamon Easter Biscuits


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Schwartz’s new Street Food seasonings range wins Product of the Year 2019

In the largest consumer survey of its kind, voted for by over 10,000 consumers, Schwartz’s Street Food Seasonings range has been crowned winner of Product of the Year 2019 within the Seasonings category.

Quick and easy vegan recipes

Veganuary seemed to take the world by storm this year – and we jumped at the chance to try something a little bit different. With a huge number of delicious flavours from all over the world to experience, these days you’ll likely find it’s easier than ever to eat vegan – and it tastes good too! These easy vegan recipes will be sticking in our book for the rest of the year, using seasonal produce along with the perfect blend of herbs and spices to show off just how good this type of cooking can be.

Unleash the goodness of gluten free cooking

The start of the New Year finds many of us varying up our meals and trying new things, from eating less meat to cutting down on certain food groups. And whether you follow a gluten free diet or not, these meals all pack a mighty punch full of flavour all year round! Here you’ll discover all of your favourite meals reworked into easy gluten free recipes. Gone are the days of cooking up different meals for every requirement – these dishes are so good, the whole table will be asking for more.

Valentine’s Day Recipes: Breakfast in Bed

If Cupid had shot an arrow at one of our favourite mealtimes, it would have to be breakfast in bed. Who doesn’t love waking up to the smell of freshly-brewed coffee and breakfast on the stove? So treat your beloved (or yourself) to a Valentine’s Day breakfast so good they’ll swear they’re still dreaming. Whether you prefer a sweet or savoury start to the day, we’ve got some delicious breakfast ideas that are sure to make your partner sweet on you. If only it wasn’t Wednesday!