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Bring the best of street food to your kitchen with the new Street Food Seasonings range

Did you find yourself immersed in the wonderful smells, sights and sounds of a street food market this summer? Street food markets are the perfect way to bring delicious local dishes from cuisines across the world to the palm of your hand. As the weather gets colder, bring the exotic flavours of a street food market into your kitchen with our new Street Food Seasonings range.

Little hacks for Christmas by DaddyCooksFood

Matt, aka popular parenting influencer DaddyCooksFood, has been creating delicious, kid-friendly recipes for 3 years for his growing fan base who love his simple and creative takes on family favourites. This Christmas, Matt has used some of his favourite Schwartz herbs and spices in a collection of recipes helping other parents make Christmas food even more exciting. The whole family will enjoy his specially created festive favourites with a twist.

How to use dried juniper berries: Recipes beyond gin

February’s London Gin Festival has us thinking of all things juniper. We love throwing a few lightly crushed berries into our glasses to enhance the flavour of a classic G&T – but there’s much more to these little pods of flavour. In fact, we’ve got a whole plethora of exciting juniper berry recipes to enhance all kinds of meal. So if you’ve got a few stowed away for drinks with friends, why not consider these alternative ways of using dried juniper berries?