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How to use dried juniper berries: Recipes beyond gin

February’s London Gin Festival has us thinking of all things juniper. We love throwing a few lightly crushed berries into our glasses to enhance the flavour of a classic G&T – but there’s much more to these little pods of flavour. In fact, we’ve got a whole plethora of exciting juniper berry recipes to enhance all kinds of meal. So if you’ve got a few stowed away for drinks with friends, why not consider these alternative ways of using dried juniper berries?

5 easy ways to bring the Mediterranean diet to your table

Creating your favourite holiday foods at home is the perfect way to bring a little sunshine to the dining table all year round. But this isn’t just about the food – we like to channel the whole Mediterranean lifestyle in the kitchen.

The Simple Secret to Brightening up your Midweek Meals

We all know one person who can whip up restaurant-quality meals out of the simplest of ingredients in minutes. So what’s their secret?

Lighten up with low-fat recipes

With the sorely-missed spring sun returning to light up the evenings, it's the perfect time of year to whip up some lighter treats in the kitchen. Wave goodbye to the winter stews with a fresh new batch of low-fat recipes championing the season's delectable produce. Whether you're looking for beef, chicken, shellfish or a light dessert, we've got a recipe for you.