Master the art of the marinade

01 August 2016 | Schwartz

From dull grill to barbecue thrill ...

Break free from a dull BBQ, turn up the heat this summer by mastering the art of the marinade! Not only will picking the best marinade blend enhance the flavour, but with our top tips and a few store cupboard essentials you can ensure your meat stays mouth-wateringly tender. With Grill Mates as your secret weapon, you can’t go wrong. Follow our six-point guide to marinade mastery:

Citrus makes for an ideal wet maarinade base

Zest is Best

Citrus makes for an ideal wet marinade base as the natural acids help tenderise tougher cuts, ensuring the meat melts in the mouth. For a zesty BBQ marinade that you can put together in a jiffy, grab a sachet of Grill Mates, add a squeeze of lemon and a glug of oil. Mix into a paste and allow the meat to absorb the flavour before cooking on the grill.

Try a little yoghurty tenderness

The natural acids in yoghurt help tenderise everything from wings to ribs as well as adding a tangy flavour. It's also a great way to turn down the heat in spicier dishes. Add a generous helping of yoghurt to your marinade mix.

Marinade Mashup

To really get the flavour deep into your meats, there’s nothing like a massage. Using Grill Mates Marinade mix and bag, just place all your ingredients in the sealable bag, massage them together and put the whole lot in the fridge. Not only will you get perfect flavour and texture, it will save on the washing up! Alternatively Grill Mates Marinade in a Bag is the perfect hassle free solution if you are short on time!

Rub it in

Dry rubs really help bring both texture and taste to tougher, more flavoursome cuts like pork or beef. They work by pulling those lip-smacking juices to the surface of the meat, which mixes with the seasoning to create a gorgeously crispy crust. Try our Grill Mates to make a rich, smoky coating for steak.

Blazing Magical BBQ Marinades

Marinade early for even more taste

Boost the flavour of those tougher cuts of meat like steak or lamb by marinating them for 24 hours -- it gives them a chance to really swim in the rich flavours of the seasoning. But don’t worry if your BBQ is a little more last-minute – even marinating for 15 to 30 minutes is better than none at all, especially if you tenderise before you marinade.

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Even marinating for 15 to 30 minutes is better than none at all