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Sauces for Fish - Mixes

Fish is both quick and healthy to cook, and is always made better with a tasty accompaniment. Match your favourite with one of these delicious sauces for fish and you have the perfect light lunch or dinner to impress friends. So for light and creamy tagliatelle or hearty fish pie, look no further than these indulgent fish sauces.

Balancing the flavour without overpowering the delicate taste of your main can be tricky to master from scratch, so take out the hard work with one of our perfectly balanced fish sauce mixes. Whether you like a fresh and creamy parsley and chive sauce or zingy lemon butter, you'll find a great match for your favourite in these fantastic fish sauces.

Product Information

£ 1.00/unit, 38g

Product Information

£ 1.00/unit, 38g