5 Deliciously Easy Dips to Enjoy on Match Day


Spend less time in the kitchen, more time relaxing and enjoying the football with simple Schwartz dips that come together in 10 minutes or less. Starting with store-bought ingredients to keep things easy, you can dress these dips up like a pro with a few extras (like Schwartz spices!) to really make the flavour shine. 


Be sure to stock up on your favourite dippers – crunchy veg, flatbreads, tortilla chips, and more, because these tasty, no-cook dip recipes are about to change the game forever.


Dill pickle dip

Equal parts creamy, crunchy, and dilly, this simple 4-ingredient dip comes together in 10 minutes – no cooking required! Enjoy with favourite dippers like charred flatbread, crisps, and crudites.

Harissa Hummus

No one will be the wiser when you treat store-bought hummus to a glow up with harissa, Schwartz Garlic Powder, and lemon juice. The result is a bold, aromatic dip that’s great as an appetizer or snack … and it’s ready in 10 minutes!

Smashed avocado

Smash avocado with Schwartz Garlic Granules, olive oil, Sea Salt, and lime juice for a quick and chunky dip that perfect for enjoying with tortilla chips. (Any leftover smash can be spread over toast the next morning for a quick breakfast.)

Smoked paprika mayo

Shortcut your way to flavour with storebought mayo and Schwartz Sweet Smoked Paprika. When the two are combined, you get a creamy, smoky dip that’s irresistible when served with hot and crispy French fries. 

Whipped feta dip

Fast and simple, this delicious dip delivers sweet and tangy flavour across the board. Top with a homemade hot honey drizzle before serving with charred flatbread.