4 Sweet & Special Recipes for the Tennis Tournament

Historically connected to one of the most famous tennis tournaments in the world, strawberries and tennis are a perfect match. The luscious red fruit is exquisite in-season but can be enjoyed year-round in a variety of delicious ways. As you prepare your viewing menus for this year’s championships, keep these sweet, simple recipes and desserts that showcase the flavour and beauty of strawberries in mind.


Roasted Strawberries with ginger cream and toasted pistachios

The sweet tang of strawberries roasted with vanilla pod and seeds, caster sugar, and both lemon peel and juice is the perfect flavour to balance out the zing of pillowy ginger cream and toasty pistachio garnish. Roasted strawberries also make a great addition to porridge or yoghurt for breakfast.

Marinated Strawberries with orange fennel panna cotta

Marinating strawberries with ingredients like milk, cream, caster sugar, orange zest, and fennel seeds brings out a sweet tang to balance the richness of pannacotta with shortbread in this delightful dessert.

Strawberry, ginger and coconut Ice Lollies

Blend strawberries with honey, vanilla seeds, ground ginger, and coconut milk before freezing in ice lolly moulds. Once frozen, you’ll have a refreshingly balanced, icy treat for keeping up with the matches on even the hottest of summer days.

Strawberry, white chocolate and cinnamon cookies

Studded with white chocolate chunks and roughly chopped strawberries, these unique strawberry cookies are the perfect way to celebrate the berry bounty of the season. Trust us when we say you’ll want to make it year-round to keep the cookie jar stocked. Make them ahead of time, set them out on a pretty platter, so you can give your full attention to the match.