Your guide to grilling greatness this summer

05 July 2016 | Schwartz

Tried and tested secrets to transform your BBQ

You’re just steps away from unbeatable BBQ flavour…

Tantalising textures

Ask any chef and they'll tell you texture is just as important as taste. All you need is a sachet of our Grill Mates and a little imagination to create beautifully textured BBQ dishes.

Texture is just as important as taste

Mix your chosen blend with a drizzle of honey and ketchup to create a Sticky Sweet glaze for spare ribs –baste on in the last few minutes of cooking for flavour-packed meat your guests will love.

Handle the heat for tasty meat

To control the temperature of your BBQ like a pro, spread all the coals down one side of the grill to create one extra hot side and one with less direct heat. Use the scorching side to sizzle steak and burgers to perfection and the cooler side to cook meat like chicken and sausages.

Brush the marinade directly onto the meat when it’s sizzling over hot coals to get a wonderful sizzling glaze.

Give it a rest!

So you’ve seasoned your meat with a generous coating of our beautifully-blended Grill Mates and cooked it to perfection – now what? When it comes to brilliant BBQ food, the best is worth waiting for. Let your BBQ meat rest after cooking, so that the juices (which are driven to the centre when cooked) can permeate the cut.

For tender, juicy steaks, place on a plate, cover with foil to keep warm and leave for three to five minutes before serving.

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Before you dig in give it a rest!