3 Feel-Good Recipes

28 June 2016 | Schwartz

Make summer delicious with these 3 light BBQ bites

BBQing doesn't have to be all about thick cuts of meat, and there are some great ways to make flavour-filled dishes that are perfect for light lunches. Here’s 3 quick and easy ideas to keep you feeling good all summer:

Light and lean grilling machine

BLT Brunch

If you roll your eyes at the mention of lettuce, think again. A bowl of baby leaf greens can put a real spring in your step, so give super nourishing BBQ salad a second chance in the early afternoon. You won’t regret it, we promise!

For a sun-drenched brunch, get outside and fire up the grill! Sprinkle our Smokey Texan Grill Mates over rashers of bacon and sizzle on the BBQ until crispy. Serve on a bed of peppery rocket with sliced cherry tomatoes for a guilt-free version of the classic BLT.

Feel Good Fish and Chips

Take advantage of the warmer weather and grill some lovely light evening meals. One often forgotten BBQ ingredient is fish, which tastes phenomenal grilled over charcoal with a hint of Smokey Spice flavour.

Fancy a twist on traditional fish and chips? Place par-boiled potatoes in a tin foil tray with onions and a glug of olive oil. Grill on a hot plate for 45 minutes for beautiful BBQ hash. Meanwhile, marinade fresh salmon fillets with a little of our fiery Grill Mates Cajun mixed water and oil before sizzling for 8 – 10 minutes. Serve with lemon slices and low fat sour cream.

BBQ Banana Split

You can indulge in dessert without ditching the diet! Something sweet after dinner is one of life's greatest pleasures and summer fruits make for sensational desserts.

For a grown up dessert that’s both indulgent and healthy, try a BBQ banana split. Grab a bunch of bananas and make little boats out of tin foil for each one. Make a deep slit down the centre of each banana and fill the gap with a small amount of good quality dark chocolate. Grill the packets on the BBQ for 6 minutes and serve with a dollop of low fat frozen yoghurt. Yum!

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