Everything you need for a brilliant BBQ

24 May 2016 | Schwartz

The ultimate BBQ guide

Whether you're a master griller or a first time BBQer, we’ve put together some handy pointers to have you cooking like a pro in no time.

Get the right BBQ

Let's start with the basics. What two things should your BBQ have? Charcoal and a lid. Although there's little wrong with gas barbecues, you won't get any of that extra smoky flavour. The lid locks in the flavour and helps maintain a consistent temperature - essential for perfectly cooked meat.

Fuel = Flavour

Getting the right charcoal has an influence on taste. Our recommendation is lumpwood charcoal – the stuff that looks like burnt wood – because it’s natural and will give the best flavour. If you like a challenge, or want to claim that 'pro' title then try adding wood chips to your coal. Hickory and oak go hand in hand with fish and pork, while cherry and apple wood add a sweetness to many meats.

Choose your moment

BBQs require patience. Besides, it’s summer so relax and get yourself in the zone. Although flame-to turn grey - when the heat is hottest and most consistent for cooking.

A view from the fridge

Ok, a real pro tip coming up: although it’s highly recommended you keep your meats in the fridge for as long as possible, bringing them out of the fridge 30-minutes before they’re due to go on the BBQ will let the meat acclimatise to room temperature and help it cook faster and more evenly.

Have a variety of heats on your BBQ

Not all BBQs will let you do this, but try making one side of your BBQ very hot and the other side much cooler, to give you more versatility when cooking. You can flavour and cook with the hot side while keeping already cooked items warm on the cooler side.

It's a good idea to have a water spray handy so that you can damp down your BBQ if it gets a bit lively due

Sizzle, don't scorch

Always use tongs or a spatula rather than piercing your meat with a fork. Avoid over-flipping your sausages or pressing down on your steak, or you'll lose those lovely juices. If using a delicious dry rub like one made from our great Grill Mates range, make sure you cook slow and low to lock in those fantastic flavours.

Delicious drinks

When all the hard work’s done, you’ll have earned an ice cold drink.

Selection of drinks for everyone? Check. Loads of Ice & Cool box at the ready? Check. You’re all set -- enjoy the sunshine, tuck into the great food YOU made, and then sit back, relax and have a fantastic summer.

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