Christmas Countdown: How to cook butternut squash for the festive season

15 November 2016 | Schwartz

The season of goodwill may be a little while off yet, but why wait till December to enjoy this season’s veggies with a deliciously festive twist? These butternut squash recipes are a wonderfully wholesome and meat-free alternative to the traditional Christmas dinner. Perfect for late night feasting as the nights grow long and dark, bring something deliciously different to the Yuletide table this year. Here’s how to cook butternut squash into a party-ready spread full of nutritional goodness.

Healthy Stuffed Butternut Squash

Forget turkey, gloriously sweet butternut squash lends itself perfectly to the centrepiece of the alternative Christmas dinner. Stuffed butternut squash is the perfect main replacement for vegetarians or can be enjoyed alongside a traditional roast. Crammed full of caramelised onions, crunchy breadcrumbs and salty, melting cheese, season your show-stoppers with oregano, parsley and rosemary to add a beautifully aromatic element to these hearty flavours.

Roasted Root Vegetables

Crispy roast potatoes are always a family favourite, but these roasted root vegetables add an extra special something to your feast. If you’re wondering how to cook butternut squash and other vegetables into a more wholesome Christmas dinner, look no further than this quick and simple recipe. Simply douse the veggies with a generous serving of our Garlic and Herb Wedges mix with crunchy breadcrumbs and leave it to cook itself while you get back to the presents.

Tofu, Butternut Squash & Brussels Sprout Skewers

Transport your dinner guests out of the cold, dark winter to a sunny beach in Asia with these beautiful tofu skewers. Sweet and sticky spices make these a decadent vegetarian treat rich with soy, tamarind and chilli – and they smell so good even traditional dinner lovers will be asking for a bite. So kick back this year and take the hard work out of Christmas dinner – this alternative butternut squash recipe takes just ten minutes to whip up.