Forget Bolognese: What to make with mince

30 January 2017 | Schwartz

For many a food lover, no fridge is complete without a backup stash of minced meat. Still, why not try something new with an alternative take on this staple ingredient? Shake up the weekday ritual with these fantastic alternatives to the usual spag bol. With a hint of this and a shake of that, you can turn your regular mealtime into a fantastic feast.

Minced Beef Tacos

What to cook with beef mince

If you're wondering what to make with beef mince that's quick and easy, spicy beef tacos may be just what you're looking for. The perfect way to introduce new flavours to your little ones, building tacos at the table is also great fun – making them a big hit with kids. Serve with a myriad of topping options, loading them up with fresh guacamole, soured cream and a generous sprinkling of cheese.

For all the finesse without the faff, why not try cooking up a Cajun spiced beef wellington? This simple recipe only takes 25 minutes to prepare, but its golden puff pastry dome and flavoursome, tender filling are sure to impress.

Cajun Minced Beef Wellington

What to cook with pork mince

We know what it's like. Midweek malaise sets in and before you know, inspiration is lacking for a wholesome, showstopping dish. Enter – spicy pork fajitas. Great if you're unsure what to make with minced pork beyond the norm, this dish is packed full of flavour – with a good pinch of fiery chilli that's sure to warm your cockles. For a taste of the East, cumin and mint koftas combine the delicious flavours of zesty lemon and smoky black pepper, and can also be made from lamb mince.

Cumin and Mint Koftas

What to cook with turkey mince

Packed full of protein and considerably low in fat, turkey is too good to reserve for Christmas dinner alone. So what can you make with minced turkey that's great all year round? Turkey burgers are fun to make with kids, and delicious with a good dollop of spiced yoghurt sauce. Pizza pockets are a healthier, more affordable alternative to their takeaway counterpart, and what's more, they can be used as a lunchbox treat if there's any leftovers.

Pizza Pockets with Turkey Mince and Italian Herbs