Bonfire Night Food

28 October 2016 | Schwartz

Bonfire Night just wouldn't be the same without warming comfort food. Easy to whip up in advance, what could be better than cosying up with a warming hot chocolate or delicious bangers and mash. Once you've enjoyed the bright lights of fireworks night, these hearty meals are great to come home to. Throwing a Bonfire Night party? Be sure to try our Cinnamon Toffee Apple recipe.

Spiced Cinnamon Hot Chocolate Recipe

The perfect drink to see you through the autumn chill, no Bonfire Night is complete without hot chocolate. Pure indulgence in a mug, this rich recipe has a pinch of chilli flakes for an extra warming kick. Decant into a thermal flask and take it with you to the fireworks display.

Pork in Cider

The ultimate dish to warm you up after a night out in the cold, this succulent pork dish will cook in the oven on a low heat, so there's plenty of time for apple bobbing and other party games while you wait. Full of flavour, this recipe has a good glug of dry cider, as well as garlic and coarse ground black pepper.

Cinnamon Toffee Apples

These may look tricky, but once you've learnt how to make toffee apples, they couldn't be simpler. A real crowd pleaser, this recipe gets a seasonal kick with spicy cinnamon. Make them in advance so they're ready for Bonfire Night.

Cumberland Sausages with Caramelised Onion Gravy

What better way to celebrate Bonfire Night than with bangers and mash? A sure-fire hit, the secret to this sizzling dish is the caramelised onion gravy, which has a pinch of aromatic thyme. Wonderfully warming, this dish can be prepped in advance, and cooked on a low heat, ready to eat after the fireworks.