What to do with plums this autumn ?

27 September 2016 | Schwartz

The fresh bite of September is the best time of year for the Bake-Off fan, with luscious plums and other seasonal ingredients ready to steal the show at any dinner table. And what better accompaniment to your Wednesday night viewing than the warming spices of an autumn treat? Here are just a few of our favourite seasonal desserts:

Spicy plum crumble

Ah, the humble crumble. Is there any dish more satisfying than this bear hug of a dessert? Not only does this recipe require just six ingredients, but you can substitute the apples and berries for pretty much any fruit of your choosing. So if you’re not sure what to do with plums, pears or rhubarb to make them more exciting, cook them up with a generous dash of warming mixed spice to create your very own take on a plum crumble. (Don’t forget to serve with a cool scoop of vanilla ice-cream. We won’t tell.)

Fruit Compote

Wondering what to do with plums, apples or pears that are past their best? Step back from the bin and take a look at this versatile compote, perfect for filling the aforementioned plum crumble or even as a standalone dessert. The dreamy combination of vanilla pod and cinnamon makes this a truly tasty treat, while any left-overs are a winning accompaniment to savoury dishes; though with a dessert as moorish as this, we’re not sure there’ll be any.

Red Tea Chocolate Ganache with Cinnamon and Plum Compote

Listen up chocolate lovers, because we have the ultimate autumn dessert for you. Think dark, rich chocolate ganache with the fire of cinnamon, while seasonal fruit add a light zing into the mix. Rooibus (red bush) tea brings this decadent plum pudding back down to earth, a sophisticated but simple dessert sure to be the downfall of any chocaholic. Try it for yourself and we guarantee that you’ll never look at a humble plum pudding in the same way again.