Tasty Packed Lunch Ideas For Kids

13 September 2016 | Schwartz

Kids might live for those six glorious homework-free weeks during summer, but back-school season in September brings its own delight. The chance to catch up with long lost friends (six weeks can feel like a lifetime), choosing shiny new stationary (because your choice of pencil case says a lot about you as a person) and of course, delicious lunchbox treats! There's nothing wrong with good old cheese and pickle, but it's always good to mix things up a bit. These inventive packed lunch ideas promise to make back-to-school time a little more exciting this year.

Kids Pasta Salad

Carby options are essential to give kids an energy boost at lunchtime, and a delicious pasta salad is perfect for sneaking in one or two of their five-a-day! This colourful Kids Pasta Salad is an ace option for lunch boxes because it contains just a few simple ingredients. It's so quick and easy that the children can help you make a batch of it the night before school. Combine chopped chicken, sliced cucumber and cherry tomatoes with our healthier Reduced Salt Season All for a mouthwatering pasta dish that packs a real punch of flavour.

Pizza Neapolitan

As Papa John's so helpfully inform us, 49% of people in the UK eat pizza once a week. Those people have got the right idea if you ask us. Tangy tomato sauce and stretchy mozzarella cheese are soul mates, and who are we to tear them apart? You might think popping a slice of pizza or two in their lunchbox is a cardinal sin, but not when it's made fresh in the comfort of your own home. This Pizza Neopolitan is a midday marvel, topped with juicy black olives and tasty mushrooms, with a dash of Italian Spice Blend for added authenticity. Beats a soggy sarnie any day of the week!

Chicken Shawarma Wrap

If you're about to finish A Levels this September - or even embarking on life as a fresher at university - you'll want some finger-licking food to look forward to between lectures. Middle Eastern food is fast on the rise, and millennials know this more than most as they're the group most likely to seek out new flavours. Falafel, hummus and tabbouleh are staples for students these days – but you don't need a restaurant budget to tempt your taste buds. This Chicken Shawarma Wrap with Cucumber Radish Relish is the perfect Levantine-inspired lunch.

Healthy Granola Bars

Sweet doesn't have to be sinful when it comes back-to-school snack ideas! These delectable Healthy Granola Bars combine porridge oats, dried fruit and nuts with runny honey and warming Cinnamon for a little slice of lunch box appropriate luxury. Simply combine all the ingredients and bake for 20 minutes before cutting into bitesize bars. If you're strapped for time in the morning, these sweet slabs make a great on-the-go breakfast or a healthier alternative to a chocolate biscuit at lunchtime.