Quick and easy spinach and ricotta recipes

21 February 2017 | Schwartz

Who'd have thought that something so simple could taste so good? Spinach and ricotta make a true dream team, packed full of flavour and capable of turning any dish into the perfect meat-free main. Perfectly creamy yet wonderfully light, ricotta is one of the most versatile cheeses available, while spinach adds a wholesome earthy flavour into the mix. Just the right balance between wholesome and hearty, these spinach and ricotta recipes will bring a touch of class to your dinner table, effortlessly.

Spinach and Ricotta Lasagne

Spinach and Ricotta Lasagne Recipe

Show us someone who doesn't like lasagne and we'll show you a liar. Jokes aside, there's a reason the Italian speciality is so popular around the world, and it's about to have an indulgent makeover. Cook up this easy-yet-decadent main with velvety ricotta, wilted spinach and plenty of garlic, and you'll soon see plenty of smiles around the dinner table.

Chickpea and Ground Lamb Breakfast Hash with Skhug Sauce

Chickpea and Ground Lamb Breakfast Hash with Skhug Sauce Recipe

Give yourself a little taste of the Middle East with this fantastic chickpea and ground lamb hash. But where's the spinach and ricotta, we hear you ask? In this recipe, Skhug, a traditional Yemeni hot sauce, is mixed with a base of cool ricotta and topped with a generous helping of wilted spinach. That combination helps make this dish the perfect alternative brunch, or a wholesome pick-me-up for any time of day.

Mini Spinach and Ricotta Tartlets

Spinach and Ricotta Tartlets Recipe

These little treats are so delectably moreish the whole family will be asking for seconds. Ground nutmeg is the secret ingredient to these spinach and ricotta tarts, adding a warm spicy note to the rich flavours. These mini tartlets are the perfect packed lunch or dinner on the go, so be sure to cook up a few extra to keep handy for snacks.

Spinach and Ricotta Tortilla

Spinach and Ricotta Tortilla Recipe

Who's ready for a little Mediterranean feast? An oh-so-dreamy spinach and ricotta tortilla is revved to life with a dash of mild curry powder, garlic and paprika to zip you off to a seaside resort at the height of summer. To complete your sunny banquet, match your main with a side of rustic patatas bravas or classic roasted vegetables.