How to make stir fry noodles with a twist

30 January 2017 | Schwartz

2017 brings the Chinese New Year of the Rooster, the zodiac animal known for seeking out the spotlight. Well, now it's time for you to steal the show for yourself with these stir fry recipes. Whether you're celebrating the Chinese New Year or simply love Asian cuisine, these healthy stir fry recipes create a flavour sensation.

Stir frying is thought to have originated around 206 BC during China's Han dynasty, and the dish continues to evolve today. The simple cooking method allows delicate flavours to really sing, as seen with these recipes rich with aromatic herbs and spices. Here's how to make stir fry noodles with a delicious twist.

Orange and Ginger Beef Stir Fry

Chicken stir fry

Leftover chicken and vegetables are perfect for throwing together into a quick and healthy taste sensation. Go for a classic with our garlic chicken stir fry, where traditional flavours are effortlessly brought to life with light soy and garlic paste.

Alternatively, shake it up with the delectable cajun chicken stir fry, made sweet with pineapple and expertly flavoured with our Cajun Seasoning, inspired by the spicy cuisine of Louisiana.

Chicken Stir Fry

Beef stir fry

Create a decadent take on a traditional dish with wonderfully sticky sweet sirloin steak for this orange and ginger beef stir fry. Classic flavours of ginger, garlic and chilli with crunchy sesame seeds elevate this dish into a mouth-watering sensation.

For beef with more bite, try our spicy steak stir fry a simple dish with a medium chilli heat. Swap out the noodles for Basmati rice and a generous handful of chives.

Beef  Stir Fry

King prawn stir fry

You can elevate the humble stir fry to showstopper status with the perfect blend of Chinese Five Spice. For a perfectly simple recipe that'll seriously impress your dinner guests, try pak choi stir fry with king prawns and shiitake mushrooms.

Or go for a different take on a classic by marinating king prawns in a delectable blend of star anise, szechuan pepper, ginger and cinnamon before tossing into the pan for a light and healthy aromatic king prawn stir fry.

Pak Choi Stir Fry with King Prawns and Shiitake Mushrooms