BBQ ideas for a summer of sport

12 June 2017 | Schwartz

Whether you’re a fan of Murray or Mourinho, the summer’s hottest games are the perfect excuse for stoking up the barbeque! So call the neighbours – it’s time to cheer on the stars in style. Forget burnt sausages in soggy white sandwich bread (though we know, we know, we all love a classic!), these BBQ recipes bring a fresh new take on the classic fare.

Smokey Texan Burgers

Smokey Texan Burger Recipe

Seriously smoky, seriously simple, and just a little spicy – we love these gorgeous beef burgers generously seasoned with our beautiful Smokey Texan marinade mix. Just one bite will transport you to long summer afternoons in the Deep South. It calls for a rodeo, but we’ll settle for the horse races.

Sticky BBQ ribs

Sticky BBQ Ribs Recipe

Another American classic for when you’re watching the world’s greats, who can resist classic sticky sweet BBQ ribs? But be aware – this recipe calls on the American definition of barbecuing, which is a long, slow cook rather than the British blitz on the grill. Allow at least 40 minutes of cooking time for wonderfully tender meat, or up to eight hours on a low heat. It’ll be well worth the wait.

Sizzling Chicken Kebab

Chicken Kebab Recipe

Nothing beats a grilled chicken kebab, and now our Gluten Free Fajitas mix means that everyone can enjoy these flavourful skewers. Packed with warming cumin, smoked paprika and a little kick of chilli, this seasoned chicken is delightful served up with sour cream, Greek yoghurt or salsa. Vary it up by adding pork, steak, prawns or tofu to the mix.

Sweet and spicy tofu skewer

Sweet and Spicy Tofu Skewer Recipe

These spicy Asian-inspired vegetarian kebabs will have the whole table reaching for more! Tofu, butternut squash and brussels sprouts are generously coated with sweet soy sauce, tamarind paste and chili flakes for a burst of flavour. Hint: Make your own sweet soy sauce by simmering equal parts soy sauce and brown sugar until thickened.

Leafy green salad

Leafy Green Salad Recipe

Hit the ball out of the park with these deceptively basic-looking mixed greens, the perfect light accompaniment to the rich, bold flavours from the grill. This wonderful salad dressing with sweet tarragon and our fantastically diverse Season-All will be a sure hit with the whole party. For a fresh finish, add sliced pears, peaches or apples into the mix.