Chilli Flakes

£2.00/unit, 29g

Chilli Flakes

£2.00/unit, 29g


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Heat Level 2 - Medium 

Crushed Chillies flakes contain the flesh and seeds of whole chillies; if you want to add a warm, fiery punch to a dish, then look no further. Chilli peppers can really spice up a meal and are often used in Tex-Mex and Mexican meals. Red chilli flakes are also used as a table condiment in many cultures to add heat.

Chilli pepper, the fruit of a hardy plant, has a special feature: the smaller it is, the hotter it tastes! Unlike other spices, often a small quantity is sufficient in a dish, with a single pinch adding a delicious spicy kick.

Traditionally used to help improve digestion.

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Crushed Dried Red Chillies
Serving Size
Use sparingly to taste
29 (g)
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Usage Tips

Used in moderate quantities, crushed chillies help boost the flavour of your favourite dishes without masking the flavour of the other ingredients. Typically used in savoury cooking, crushed chillies are occasionally used in desserts and blends well with chocolate.

Why not try...

adding to curries and Mexican dishes for a robust heat.  Also great to add warmth to marinades, dressings and stir fries or sprinkled over pizzas.

Store in a cool, dry place out of direct sunlight.

Chilli Flakes