Lemon Grass & Cardamom Monkfish with Aubergine Caviar

Monkfish marinated in lemon grass and lemon juice and served with a spiced aubergine caviar.

  • Pre-heat the oven to 200°C, 400°F, Gas Mark 6.

  • Mix 2 tbs olive oil, the chopped lemon grass, lemon zest and juice in a bowl. Add the monkfish and leave to marinade for 30 minutes.

  • Heat the remaining oil in a frying pan. Once it is hot, add the fish and brown lightly on both sides. Transfer to a roasting tray, season well, drizzle over the remaining marinade and roast in the oven on the top shelf for 10-15 minutes.

  • Meanwhile, make the aubergine caviar. Pour the olive oil into a saucepan, add the crushed cardamom pods and leave to infuse over a very low heat for 30 minutes. Do not allow to boil. Strain and set aside.

  • Cut the aubergines in half lengthways, score the flesh and add a few drops of olive oil. Bake for around 45 minutes, until softened.

  • Remove the flesh with a spoon. Roughly dice with the anchovies and blend with the cardamom olive oil, Garlic and Cumin Seeds. Season well and refrigerate until cold. Serve the cooked monkfish with a spoonful of aubergine caviar.