Dried Basil

Basil is one of the most popular herbs used in cooking today. Famous for its delicious aroma and warm peppery flavour, it is typically enjoyed with Italian and Mediterranean cooking: it is the natural companion to tomatoes and essential in Italian cooking.

Deliciously versatile, basil can be used to flavour a variety of foods including soups, salads, sauces, main meals and desserts.

In herbalism, basil leaves are known for their relaxant and digestive properties.

Foil fresh seal for extra flavour.

An Italian favourite

Hats off to Basil: The humble hero of herbs

This deceptively humble herb is actually an essential ingredient in a lot of Italian and Mediterranean cooking, transforming dishes into irresistible cuisine with its strong aromas and warm flavouring.

As a natural companion to tomato-based recipes, basil is an easy-to-use herb that can make a big impact – add it to your pizza or pasta to give your food that authentic Italian taste!

With its peppery undertones and earthy aromas, this versatile flavour enhancer doesn't overpower other tastes, making it the perfect accompaniment to combinations of herbs like rosemary and oregano. Our basil is picked and dried on the same day, so when you open the foil-fresh sealed herb to use in your kitchen creations, you can be sure that your guests won't be able to wait to dig in to your gorgeous basil-inflected dishes.

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