Our CSR vision is to grow our business globally, while driving positive change to the environment, within our communities, and for our employees.

We are investing financial and human resources now to create a sustainable pathway of environmental and social development for tomorrow.


Our CSR programme has four priority areas of focus with goals for each:



  • Promote workforce diversity and achieve an increase in the proportion of women globally and people of color in the U.S. in leadership positions.
  • Establish employee engagement benchmark in 2016 and achieve an increase in employee engagement rating each survey year.
  • Achieve a 3% reduction in workplace injuries/accidents across manufacturing facilities globally by 2019.
  • Exceed 100,000 hours of annual employee volunteer hours.



  • Annual increase in the participation level of U.S. employees in the Eating Well Program.
  • Launch the McCormick Eating Well Program globally.
  • 20% increase in global marketing spend aimed at educating consumers and industry leaders on the role of flavour in healthier eating by 2019.



  • Increase funding for farming community programs by 50%.
  • Educate intermediate suppliers of agricultural inputs on sustainable farming and build their capability to support agricultural farmers to implement best practices.
  • Identify 100% of suppliers with high risk profile and take steps to manage risk, including enrolling suppliers into Sustainable Ethical Data Exchange (SEDEX) program.



  • 10% reduction in electricity use by 2019*. » 10% reduction in water use by 2019*.
  • 5% reduction in GHG emissions by 2019*. » 10% reduction in solid waste by 2019*.
  • 20% reduction in bottle packaging weight by 2019*.

* Adjusted for product mix effects and production volume.

We are committed to the continuous improvement  of our environmental performance and have ambitious targets. View our full CSR report here http://www.mccormickcorporation.com/Our-Commitment