Ground Coriander

When your dish calls for a robust and warming spice, ground coriander is the answer. The perfect basis for any spice combination, ground coriander is a staple in traditional cuisines across the world. With its distinctive yet versatile flavour, ground coriander is sure to become a new favourite in your spice arsenal.

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Ground Coriander

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Use generously to taste.

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Usage Tips

The mellow flavour of ground coriander goes perfectly in warming curries, dry fried to release the flavour, or mixed with oil and lemon juice over beautiful roasted vegetables.

Why not try...

...adding ground coriander to pan-fried chicken, peppers and onions, along with cumin and chillies, for some delicious chicken fajitas? It also adds warmth to your autumn fruit pies and compotes.

Store in a cool, dry place out of direct sunlight.

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