BBQ Chicken with a Garlic & Herb Rub

This garlic rub is great for chicken, pork, lamb, or vegetables. It can also be mixed with butter and spread on bread, then cooked on the BBQ for a great herb and garlic bread.

Serves: 10
5 mins Prep Time
5 mins Prep Time
  • Place the lemon zest (fresh or dry) into a small Kilner jar. Add the Herb de Provence, Garlic, Pepper and Salt, close the lid and shake to combine. Then reserve until needed.

Cooking tip

Cook’s Notes

You don’t need to dry the lemon zest, but it’s a good idea, as this will make the rub last longer. Wash and dry the lemon, then carefully use a fine grater to remove the top layer of the skin. You only want the flavourful yellow part of the peel. Avoid grating the white pith because it makes the taste bitter. Transfer the grated peel to a flat dish, cover loosely, and leave it overnight, or until the grated peel is completely dry and coarse.