Spicy Fruit Fudge

Spicy Fruit Fudge

  • Stir in the condensed milk and slowly bring the mixture to the boil. Continue to boil rapidly, stirring constantly, for about 20 minutes until mixture begins to thicken and turns a caramel colour.

  • Remove from heat. Add Mixed Spice and raisins. Beat mixture vigorously for about 5 minutes or until it goes very thick. Turn into a greased baking tin approx. 18 x 28cm (7x11"). Place in refrigerator. Mark into 2.5cm (1") squares before it gets completely cold.

  • Place butter and milk in a large heavy saucepan, at least 4 litre (7 pint) capacity. Heat gently until butter has melted. Add sugar. Stir over low heat until dissolved.

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