Marinated Sea Bass with Avocado and Paprika

  • Completely cover the bass fillets in coarse salt for 10 min. Rinse the fillets in fresh water and dry with kitchen roll. Marinate in olive oil for at least 48 hrs.

  • Marinate the cucumber in the soy sauce for half an hour, or best results overnight.

  • Half fill a 8cm x 2cm x 2cm (or mini loaf) tin, with thin slices of avocado sprinkled with lemon juice, cover with the sea bass strips, season generously with paprika, then cover with more avocado sprinkled with lemon to fill the tin. Cover with cling film, press to settle, place a weight over the top of the tin and set aside in a cool place for 1 hour.

  • Make the dressing by mixing avocado oil, the remaining paprika, 2 drops of lemon juice and a pinch of sea salt. To serve, carefully turn out the tin and cut into individual portions, dice the marinated cucumber slices and place on top. Finish by drizzling with paprika-seasoned oil.