Piri Piri Prawn Cocktail

Piri Piri is a hot and spicy Portuguese blend of crushed chillies, spices and citrus peel and adds a spicy kick to this avocado, mango and prawn cocktail.

10 mins Prep Time
10 mins Prep Time
  • Place the avocado in a bowl and add 1 tbs of the lime juice as this will help prevent them turning black. Add the mango and spring onions and mix.

  • Combine the mayonnaise with the lime zest and remaining juice and the Perfect Shake Piri Piri Special Blend.

  • To serve, place a serving of the avocado, mango and spring onions into a ramekin then turn out onto a plate. Top with a handful of King prawns and serve with a dollop of the mayo. Sprinkle over a little more of the Piri Piri and garnish with a lime wedge.