Piri Piri Prawn Kebabs

Piri Piri Prawn Kebabs

Piri Piri Prawn Kebabs

Piri Piri Prawn Kebabs
  • 450 gram (1 pound) whole raw tiger prawns, shelled

  • 4 pitta breads

  • Salad leaves, to serve

  • 150 millilitre (1/4 pint) olive oil

  • 1 tablespoons lemon juice

  • 4 teaspoon Piri Piri Seasoning

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Piri Piri Seasoning

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£ 2.30/unit,39g


  • 1 Mix together the oil, lemon juice and Perfect Shake Piri Piri Special Blend and pour over the prawns. Refrigerate for 2 hours.
  • 2 Thread the prawns onto 4 large kebab skewers and cook under a hot grill or barbecue for 3-4 minutes, turning occasionally, basting with remaining marinade.
  • 3 Warm the pitta bread under the grill or on the barbecue for a few seconds. Split them lengthways to form a pocket and fill with salad and prawns removed from the skewers. Serve immediately.