Spinach & Ricotta Lasagne Cups

Spinach & Ricotta Lasagne Cups

Spinach & Ricotta Lasagne Cups

Prep Time
15 Minutes
Cook Time
35 Minutes
Individual spinach and cheese lasagne cups flavoured with Bay and Nutmeg.
  • 550 Mill (18 fluid ounce) whole milk

  • 10 Bay Leaves

  • 1 onion, halved

  • 25 grams (1 ounce) butter, unsalted

  • 50 grams (2 ounces) plain flour

  • 250 grams (9 ounces) ricotta

  • 75 grams (3 ounces) Parmesan, grated

  • 65 grams (6 ounces) mozzarella

  • Whole Nutmeg

  • 275 grams (10 ounces) OR 9 sheets lasagne pasta, halved

  • 325 grams (11 ounces) spinach

  • 5 tomatoes, finely sliced

  • Schwartz Sea Salt and Black Pepper to season


  • 1 Heat milk in a saucepan to just below boiling, add Bay Leaves and onion. Reduce heat, cover with lid and allow to simmer for 15 minutes to infuse into the milk. Meanwhile, melt the butter in a second saucepan, add the flour and stir with a wooden spoon, allowing the flour to cook out for 2-3 minutes. Add infused milk a little at a time, whisking constantly between each pour. Once all milk has been added, stir in the ricotta and around ¾ of the Parmesan and mozzarella. Grate in Nutmeg to taste and season with Black Pepper, stir until all the cheese has melted then set aside.
  • 2 Blanch the lasagne in boiling water for around a minute until softened, carefully remove with tongues, then place a sieve over the boiling pasta water and steam the spinach in batches until wilted. Squeeze out as much water from the spinach as possible then set aside.
  • 3 Pre-heat oven to 200˚C, 400˚F, Gas Mark 6. Lightly oil a 6 case muffin tin and 6 pasta sheets, place the two halves in a criss-cross pattern over each other in the tin, allowing the pasta to spill over the sides of the hole. Spoon the sauce into the bottom, then add spinach followed by 2 slices of tomato and finishing with a layer of the torn pasta.
  • 4 Finish with the remaining Bay and cheese sauce, then grate over the remaining mozzarella and Parmesan then bake in the oven for around 18 minutes until golden and bubbly. Carefully remove with a spatula and serve.
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