Did You Know?

Juniper Berries can take 3 years to ripen on the bush. Juniper gives its distinctive flavour to gin and other spirits. Cooks in the mountainous regions of Italy, France and Germany use Juniper to flavour rich game dishes. Although Juniper grows in Britain we do not have many traditional culinary uses for it. However, it adds an excellent flavour to game, pᵩ and marinades. It is believed to be a diuretic and anti-inflammatory.


The berries should be large, round and plump with a deep purple colour and slight dusty bloom.


Lightly crush the berries before use to release their flavour. Make a rich sauce for beef or lamb by mixing with red wine, mushrooms, onions and herbs. Add to fruit juice or syrups before pouring over fruit salad. Sauerkraut is traditionally flavoured with Juniper Berries. Crushed Juniper Berries are good in rich terrines, as well as being used whole with Bay Leaves as a final garnish.


Energy per 100g: 292 KCal
Protein per 100g: 4 g
Carbohydrates per 100g: 33 g
Fat per 100g: 16 g