Herbes de Provence

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This beautiful blend of Herbes de Provence will transport you straight to the heart of the French countryside, where cooking pots slowly simmer to release the delicate nuances of the region's favourite herbs. Made from a traditional mix of rosemary, thyme, marjoram and gently dried oregano, this is the dream accompaniment for rustic dishes, like our smoked sausage cassoulet. Think slow-cooked stews and one-pot wonders, all tied together with the fresh zing of aromatic, dried Herbes de Provence.

Rosemary (28%), Savory, Thyme (18%), Marjoram, Oregano (11%).
Serving Size
Use generously to taste.
11 (g)
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Usage Tips

This versatile mix of Herbes de Provence is perfect matched with chicken or pork, but vegetable stews and fresh fish find a subtle boost of flavour too when gently cooked with this delicate blend of herbs.

Why not try...

...making a classic baste of olive oil, lemon juice and Herbes de Provence to drizzle over chicken and pork? It's also delicious sprinkled over baby new potatoes before roasting.

Store in a cool, dry place out of direct sunlight.

Herbes de Provence