Flat Leaf Parsley

Hey Pesto! All You Ever Need to Know About Parsley

Vibrant and delicious, gorgeously green flat leaf parsley is often used as a garnish but there's more to this humble herb than good looks! Here's five facts about parsley to convince you of its charms:

  • It really is Greek to me: Parsley takes its name from two Greek words: petrose meaning rock (as it often grows amongst stones) and selenium meaning celery - so you can think of parsley as a 'rock of celery'.
  • Breath of fresh air: It has been used widely as a garnish since the 18th Century, when parsley was believed to freshen breath and neutralise pungent odours. This explains why it often paired with strong flavours like garlic and fish.
  • Earth brother: Well-balanced dishes stimulate all the flavour receptors and parsley is clean, earthy and peppery – a great all-rounder in the kitchen. The mild bitterness makes parsley excellent for balancing savoury dishes like stews, soups and sauces.
  • Getting fresh in the Med: Widely used in Mediterranean cooking, parsley is the main ingredient in many popular fresh-tasting recipes including salsa verde, tabbouleh, aioli and pesto. It really is a salad's best friend!

Why not use our Flat Leaf Parsley to make a succulent starter of stuffed mushrooms?

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