Black Onion Seed

One of the easiest and tastiest seasonings for any dish, black onion seeds are ideal for meals needing a little extra crunch and flavour. The deceptively titled seeds actually come from a type of buttercup, gently dried to add a wonderfully earthy aftertaste. With their trademark subtle, nutty taste, black onion seeds are sure to become your new favourite spice, perfect for adding a pinch of punch to any cuisine.

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Black Onion Seeds

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Use generously to taste.

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Usage Tips

Black onion seeds are made for slow-cooked curries, chickpea pies and Italian Bolognese. The versatile seeds can be added to most any savoury dish for a flavourful crunch of spice.

Why not try...

…adding black onion seeds to curries for a crunchy bite or shaking over vegetable dishes, such as Indian dhal? Also delicious sprinkled over naan breads and rolls.

Store in a cool, dry place out of direct sunlight.