Jewelled Prawn Salad

Jewelled Prawn Salad

Jewelled Prawn Salad

Prep Time
15 Minutes
Cook Time
25 Minutes
A delicious rice salad with prawns, peppers and olives, delicately flavoured with Onion, Black Pepper, Celery and Chives. Quick and easy to prepare.
  • 225 gram (8 ounce) long grain rice

  • 2 tablespoons oil

  • 1 tablespoons white wine vinegar

  • ½ teaspoon Onion Salt

  • ¼ teaspoon Ground Black Pepper

  • 1 teaspoon Celery Salt

  • 25 gram (1 ounce) red pepper, cut into small squares

  • 25 gram (1 ounce) green pepper, cut into small squares

  • 15 pitted black olives, halved

  • 1 tablespoons soured cream

  • 2 teaspoon tomato purée

  • 100 gram (4 ounce) prawns, defrosted if frozen

  • 1 tablespoons Chives

  • Salad leaves for serving


  • 1 Place rice in a pan of boiling water, cover and simmer for 12-15 minutes or until just soft but not starchy. Rinse with cold water and leave to drain.
  • 2 Place oil, vinegar, Onion Salt, Black Pepper and Celery Salt in a small bowl and whisk lightly to mix.
  • 3 Transfer the rice into a large bowl and stir in the dressing. Add the chopped peppers and black olives.
  • 4 Place the soured cream and tomato purée in a small bowl. Mix together then stir into the rice salad. Carefully stir in the prawns and Chives.
  • 5 Serve on a bed of lettuce.