Cumin & Mint Koftas with Summer Tabbouleh

These delicately flavoured Koftas are great cooked on the barbecue and go extremely well with the light and refreshing flavours of tabbouleh.

15 mins Prep Time 15 mins Cook Time
15 mins Prep Time
15 mins Cook Time
  • Form the mixture into kofta shapes around the wooden skewers.

  • Place the mince, ½ the red onion, juice and zest of 1 lemon, Cumin and Mint in a large bowl, season well and blend together with your hands.

  • Cover and refrigerate until ready to cook.

  • Cook on the barbecue or under a pre-heated medium-heat grill for 10-15 minutes, or until cooked through, turning occasionally.

  • Meanwhile, cook the bulgar wheat according to the packet instructions. Stir in the zest and juice of the other lemon, the remaining onion, cucumber, tomato and olive oil. Season to taste.