Roasted Carrots with Cumin & White Wine

Baby carrots wrapped in a parcel of greaseproof paper and roasted in the oven with white wine and Cumin Seeds for deliciously flavoured carrots.

5 mins Prep Time 50 mins Cook Time
5 mins Prep Time
50 mins Cook Time
  • Pre-heat the oven to 220°C, 425°F, Gas Mark 7.

  • Place the carrots in greaseproof paper in a roasting tin.

  • Pour over the white wine and add the butter to the carrots. Sprinkle over the Cumin Seed and toss the carrots until evenly coated.

  • Fold the greaseproof paper to seal in the moisture and cook in the oven for 45-50 minutes or until the carrots are cooked but still crunchy.

Cooking tip

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