Christmas is Cinnamon

05 November 2015 | Schwartz
– Christmas is Cinnamon –
"The classic warming spice used to awaken so many of our Christmas dishes"

We wait all year for the moments that make Christmas. Cradling mulled wine by the fire, overloading the Christmas tree with decorations and watching the Christmas pudding erupt into flame are some of our firm favourites.
On that same list of seasonal desires is cinnamon, the classic warming spice used to awaken so many of our Christmas dishes with its instantly recognisable flair. Cinnamon powder and cinnamon sticks each bring an unrivalled sense of comfort to the coldest months of the year.

Sourcing the best cinnamon is work carried-out far away from the traditional British Christmas, long before you take a bite into your first mince pie. Our ground cinnamon comes from the sun-drenched, high altitude climes of tropical Indonesia. We wait up to 15 years for the trees to mature and develop the warm aromatic flavour we know and love. The bark is then stripped, focusing on the base of the tree where the flavour is most intense, making Schwarz cinnamon the perfect flavouring for your Christmas feast.

Back in the UK, it’s a must to warm up with our Apple and Blackberry Christmas Cup this festive season. Made with apple juice, cloves and blackcurrant cordial, don’t forget to make it magical with a merry swirl of a cinnamon stick. But nothing beats the classics at Christmas, and our Christmas Cake is no exception. A firm family favourite, spread the holiday spirit with some extra cinnamon sticks for decoration.

Also try whipping-up gooey Chocolate Yule Logs with a spicy kick, or dishing out these easy-cook Christmas Macaroons – the perfect crowd pleasers. And why not wash down your homemade treats with a glass of mulled wine? Made from our traditional recipe containing red wine, orange juice and brandy, adding a couple of our mulled wine spice sachets will help to give you that special winter glow.