5 easy ways to bring the Mediterranean diet to your table

04 June 2018 | Schwartz
5 easy ways to bring the Mediterranean diet to your table

Creating your favourite holiday foods at home is the perfect way to bring a little sunshine to the dining table all year round. But this isn’t just about the food – we like to channel the whole Mediterranean lifestyle in the kitchen. Oh yes, we’re talking laidback evenings in the sun with family and friends, enjoying scrumptious local delicacies and sipping a glass (or two!) of a smooth red wine. So read on to find out how to add a little Mediterranean twist to your mealtimes.

What is the Mediterranean diet?

What is the Mediterranean diet?

Typical of Southern Italy, Spain and Greece, the Mediterranean diet has often been cited as one of the healthiest in the world. It largely consists of meals made from whole grains, olive oil, legumes, fish, nuts, fruits and vegetables. Think chicken pasta tray bakes rich with tomato and aubergine, hearty salads plumped with herby potatoes and roasted peppers, and simple fish dishes with a side of seasoned greens and toasted ciabatta.

1. Simplicity is key

Simplicity is key

Salad brought to life with a twist of Black Pepper and olive oil, a yoghurt-based dip with a touch of Parsley, vegetables simply grilled with Rosemary and Sea Salt. The key to Mediterranean cuisine is fresh, whole ingredients made extra scrumptious with just a touch of the right seasoning.

2. Herb generously

Herb generously

Yes, we just used herb as a verb there. But a hefty dose of aromatic greenery is essential to many Mediterranean dishes. Bold herbs are the call of the day, perfect as either thick crusts for cuts of lamb or a lively addition to pasta sauces. Oregano is a particular favourite – and ours is always carefully harvested and dried by expert growers to preserve the full flavour of the essential oils.

3. Get the whole family together

Get the whole family together

Another great thing about the Mediterranean diet is that it’s often based on simple recipes anyone can help with. So get the whole family together and whip up pizza, pasta or hefty salads everyone will enjoy. These dishes are also easily customised to suit all tastes – simply serve with extra cheese, olives, Chilli Flakes and other toppings on the side.

4. Cook it slow

Cook it slow

If you’d rather spend your family time out of the kitchen, that works too. In fact, many Mediterranean classics taste even better when the flavours are left to gently build up on their own. And with our Slow Cooker Recipe Mixes, it’s as easy as throwing everything into one pot and waiting for the smell of dinner to welcome you back to the kitchen.

5. Enjoy a tipple

Enjoy a tipple

What’s the joke about cooking with wine? We’re big fans of red meat cooked in a splash of good Cabernet Sauvignon, and maybe a cheeky tipple on the side. Red wine has been a staple of the Mediterranean diet for many years, bringing a fruity richness to bold, protein-heavy dishes.

Ready to bring a little sunshine to the dinner table? Add a sprinkle of our aromatic Oregano to your favourite pasta dish today.