Ground Nutmeg

£1.75/unit, 32g

Ground Nutmeg

£1.75/unit, 32g


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Aromatic nutmeg is a delicious addition to dishes. Originating from the nutmeg tree, which is indigenous to the Spice Islands of Indonesia, the nutmeg seed lies underneath a red lacy coating of mace. Our nutmeg is freshly ground into our bottles, releasing warm and woody notes – its iconic smell instantly brings to mind sweet mulled cider or a festive eggnog tipple at Christmas. But spicy nutmeg is a popular choice in baking recipes all year round – not only due to its wonderfully sweet flavour, but also the depth it gives dishes by cutting through rich ingredients, whether stirred into a creamy cheese sauce or baked into a cheesecake. In savoury cooking, try using it to add a further layer of flavour to a Caribbean curry or to enhance root vegetables like pumpkins and squash.

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Ground Nutmeg
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Usage Tips

Why not try...

...sprinkling nutmeg powder over rice pudding before cooking. To add a subtle richness to spinach, carrots and Bolognese sauce, add a dash of ground nutmeg towards the end of cooking. It's also great sprinkled over lasagne or macaroni cheese.

Store in a cool, dry place out of direct sunlight.

Find sweet nutmeg's perfect partner in the dark and warming Allspice.

Ground Nutmeg