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Ground Nutmeg

Earthy nutmeg, a fragrant seed from a tree on the Indonesian Spice Islands, is the sweet and nutty staple of the spice family. The bright orange hue of ground nutmeg promises a flavourful addition to any dish, and is particularly delicious paired with sweet and savoury pumpkin or stirred into a hot mug of eggnog.

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Ground Nutmeg

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...sprinkling nutmeg powder over rice pudding before cooking. To add a subtle richness to spinach, carrots and Bolognese sauce, add a dash of ground nutmeg towards the end of cooking. It's also great sprinkled over lasagne or macaroni cheese.

Store in a cool, dry place out of direct sunlight.

Find sweet nutmeg's perfect partner in the dark and warming Allspice.

Nutmeg Ground

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