Thai Fish Cakes with Dipping Sauce

Tasty Thai fish cakes with a sweet and spicy Thai dipping sauce.

10 mins Prep Time 30 mins Cook Time
10 mins Prep Time
30 mins Cook Time
  • Blend the fish, egg, Schwartz Thai 7 Spice Seasoning and the Schwartz Kaffir Lime Leaves to an even paste in a food processor.

  • Put the paste into a bowl, add the fish sauce, sugar, cornflour and green beans, stir well and then shape into small cakes, around 5cm diameter and 1 cm thick.

  • Heat the oil in a wok or deep frying pan over a medium heat and fry the cakes in small batches for 5-6 minutes, turning occasionally until evenly cooked through.

  • To make the sweet dipping sauce, boil the water, vinegar, sugar and Salt for 10 minutes. Add the Schwartz Thai 7 Spice Seasoning, spring onions, Schwartz Mild Chilli Powder and the creamed coconut. Allow to cool.

  • Drain the cakes on kitchen paper. Set aside and keep warm.

  • Serve the fish cakes as a starter with the dipping sauce.