Chilli Chocolate Mince Pies

Chilli Chocolate Mince Pies

Chilli Chocolate Mince Pies

Prep Time
40 Minutes
Cook Time
20 Minutes
Try these spiced mince pies with a twist. A delicious chilli chocolate brownie topping!

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  • 2x100 grams (4 ounces) bars, dark chocolate

  • 75 grams (3 ounces) butter, unsalted

  • 175 grams (6 ounces) brown sugar

  • 2 eggs

  • 50 grams (2 ounces) plain flour

  • 15 grams (1/2 ounces) cocoa powder

  • 1/2 teaspoon Chilli Flakes

  • 1/4 teaspoon sea salt

  • 400 grams (14 ounces) mincemeat

  • 2 green apples, peeled, cored and grated

  • 2 clementines, zest of

  • 2 teaspoons Cinnamon Ground

  • 1 teaspoon Ground Ginger

  • 500 grams pack shortcrust pastry little extra pastry for decoration

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Cooking tip
  1. Best served warm. Allow to cool slightly before serving as filling will be very hot! Pies can be stored in a sealed container for a week or frozen, then warmed through in the oven to return their gooeyness!


  • 1 Pre-heat the oven to 180°C, 350°F, Gas Mark 4.
  • 2 For the chilli chocolate brownie topping melt the one bar of dark chocolate and butter together in a bowl over a pan of simmering water. Remove from heat and allow to cool slightly before beating in the brown sugar, followed by the eggs one at a time.
  • 3 Sieve in the flour and cocoa powder and combine. Sprinkle in the Crushed Chillies and salt.
  • 4 For the mincemeat filling mix the mincemeat, apple and clementine zest, then sprinkle in the ground Cinnamon and Ginger.
  • 5 Roll the pastry out to around 2mm thickness and cut 18 discs with a 10cm circle cutter. Using a star shape cutter cut an equal number to top the pie. Arrange pastry discs inside a muffin tin.
  • 6 Spoon one heaped teaspoon of mincemeat mixture at the bottom and press down, add a square of chocolate in the centre, followed by spooning one heaped teaspoon of brownie mixture on top. With a damp finger press the mixture towards the edges. Place a pastry star on top, rolled slightly thinner than the pastry case.
  • 7 Place the tray in the fridge for 10 minutes then cook in the pre-heated oven for 20-25 minutes, or until the pastry is golden. Sprinkle with icing sugar and serve.