Beginning to Smell Like Christmas

02 December 2015 | Schwartz
– Beginning to Smell Like Christmas –
"Add a sprinkle of our spices to fill your home with extra seasonal cheer"

The scent of aromatic cloves, the sweet smell of ginger and of course, deliciously fragrant cinnamon. It must be that time of year again… it must be Christmas.

Few things can transport you to another time and place quite like the magical smell of festive baking. Mum’s moreish mince pies. Gran's famous ginger biscuits. Dad’s Christmas pud. And of course, it wouldn’t be Christmas without Schwartz cinnamon!

Our ground cinnamon comes from the sun-drenched, high altitude climes of tropical Indonesia. We wait for up to 15 years for the trees to mature and develop the warm aromatic flavour you know and love.

The bark is then stripped, focusing on the base of the tree where the flavour is most intense, making Schwarz cinnamon the perfect flavouring for your Christmas feast.Capture the essence of the festive season with an extra sprinkle of this Christmas magic dust over your favourite holiday bakes. And don’t forget… it all came from a tree!

When it comes to baking, the fun doesn’t stop at cinnamon. A sprinkle of ground nutmeg releases a superior festive flavour into stollen, or you can jazz up fireside favourite eggnog with touch of velvety vanilla. Nothing beats the sweet, nostalgic aroma of gingerbread biscuits spiced beautifully with ground ginger.

The festive spice fun doesn’t have to stop at cookies and cakes. Why not sprinkle an extra dash of Christmas joy onto your savoury dishes too? Parsnips and sprouts love a bit of touch of nutmeg this time of year and a clove-studded gammon is sure to impress around the dining table on Christmas day.

There’s no excuse to not spread the magical scents of Christmas beyond the kitchen! Make the magic last even longer with cinnamon and star anise pomander decorations and even clove-studded oranges. So simply add a sprinkle of our spices to fill your home with extra seasonal cheer and create a winter wonderland.