Shake up your BBQ recipes with sweet and smoky Cajun spice

10 July 2018 | Schwartz
grilled skewers

Know how the summer sun makes every evening feel like a weekend? Make the most of the glorious hot weather with dishes served up al fresco – and where better to get the best BBQ recipes than from the heady heat of the Deep South? Forget standing over the grill as you wait for your food to cook – “slow and low” is the classic cooking style for Louisianan dishes, so you can keep an eye on progress from the cool of the shade. Plus, it’s now easier than ever to get that perfectly sweet and sticky, hot and smoky flavour for these BBQ recipes, thanks to our expertly blended Cajun seasonings.

Cajun BBQ recipes

cajun chicken

One of the great things about our Cajun seasonings is that they can be adapted for pretty much any BBQ recipe. Basic halloumi skewers can be brushed with a light marinade of olive oil and spice mix while cooking, or you could add a few teaspoons to your burger meat before shaping the patties. Of course, you can also just sprinkle to taste over any finished dish to bring a little zing to the table.

Our Cajun spice blends

BBQ recipes are always a great option for feeding a group, as they’re easy to customise to everyone’s preference. Along with your sides of salad, bread options and sauces, having a variety of herbs and spices for everyone to choose from makes a refreshing change from simple salt and pepper. Our Cajun spice blend comes in three varieties, each expertly blended for maximum flavour.

Classic Cajun Seasoning

salmon fillets with cajun marinade

The original taste sensation, our classic Cajun seasoning bottles up the eclectic influences of Louisianan cuisine into one ready-for-everything spice blend. Bell peppers, chilli and cayenne pepper make up the bulk of the cuisine’s distinctive flavour, with a base layer of coriander and ginger bringing out the more subtle notes.

Best for: Cajun Salmon

Salmon is the perfect fish for Cajun seasoning. Its flavour and texture are hardier than white fish varieties, so it holds its own wonderfully against the spicy notes.

Cajun Seasoning – Extra Spicy

spicy cajun wedges

For those who can handle their heat, we’ve upped the chilli powder in our traditional blend for an unforgettable hit of spice. This extra spicy blend is the perfect companion to bring a light and tangy touch to heavier meals. Use a little for a kick that tingles the taste buds, or a lot for a dish that packs a punch.

Best for: Spicy Cajun Wedges

When you need to add a little zip to your BBQ sides, then these spicy Cajun wedges are just the ticket. If you’re preparing this dish for a big group, we recommend taking it easy with the spice in the main recipe, then leaving the mix on the table.

Smoky Cajun Seasoning

smoky cajun wings

Those who love that straight-off-the-BBQ taste could do no better than our Smoky Cajun seasoning. This blend works especially well with grills straight off the flame, with an extra hit of paprika boosting the earthy flavour from the charcoal.

Best for: Smoky Cajun Wings with Blue Cheese Dip

Sweet and sticky chicken wings are made simple thanks to a Smoky Cajun marinade. Perfect for those days when you’d rather be in the sun than the kitchen, these delicious bites don’t need any sides – just whip up an easy blue cheese dip for a cooling finish.

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