Delicious dinners for scrummy leftover lunches

22 October 2017 | Schwartz

As the kids head back to school, the October half term got us thinking about how to manage multiple mealtimes. Preparing food for hungry mouths throughout the day can leave you with no time for the fun stuff – but batch cooking ahead of time can often lead to the same meals day after day. Here, we’ve put together our favourite easy dinner ideas that also double as delicious next-day lunches.

Chargrilled chicken kebabs (Pasta salad)

Chargrilled chicken kebabs

Everyone loves a chicken skewer. Perfect for mixing up for even the fussiest eater, this family staple is also the ideal meal for leftovers. For dinner, simply cook up chicken and vegetables with our Chargrilled Chicken Seasoning and mix and match with your favourite extras – we love fresh tomatoes, grilled peppers and fresh mozzarella with a shake of basil all wrapped up in a warm pita. Save any leftover chicken for a delectable pasta salad the next day.

Turkey curry (Leftover turkey pie)

Turkey curry

This simple turkey curry is one to note down for future school holidays – it needs just five minutes prep time before being left to cook itself. What’s more, you can easily tailor the heat to your family by changing the curry powder you use – ours comes in mild, medium and hot! Once you’ve finished enjoying this Indian staple the classic way, whatever’s left can be used for a spicy take on a scrumptious leftover pie. Just throw the turkey curry into an ovenproof dish, top with puff pastry and cook for 30-35 minutes.

Chilli tacos (Beef burgers)

Chilli tacos

One way to get more playtime into the holidays is to make dinner a game! Kids love throwing together these messy chilli tacos, so you can make this meal a real event for the whole family. Toss minced beef, onions, peppers, tomatoes, kidney beans and a dash of herbs and spices into a pan and simmer for 20-30 minutes. Meanwhile, prep the table with bowls of shredded lettuce, sour cream and grated cheddar. Once the tacos are finished, save whatever you have left for gorgeous chilli beef burgers on the barbeque.

Garlic & herb wedges (Bombay potatoes)

Garlic & herb wedges

Quick and easy three-ingredient potato wedges are just the ticket for satisfying hungry families. Perfect as a side or a scene-stealing main, we love these potatoes prepped with our Garlic & Herb Wedges seasoning simple - served with a green salad and delicious fresh salsa. For lunch the next day, they can be transformed completely into hot and spicy Bombay potatoes. This vegetarian main is delicious with a generous swirl of natural yoghurt and a sharp hint of sweet mango chutney.

Roasted Mediterranean vegetables (Shakshuka)

Roasted Mediterranean vegetables

Easily incorporated into just about any dish, it’s a great idea to keep a batch of roasted Mediterranean vegetables in the fridge over the holidays. Just cook up your favourite produce with our Roasted Mediterranean Vegetables mix and there’s no end to the meals you can throw together after a long day – think omelettes, pastas and loaded salads. If you want to transform them into something a little more exotic, try this sunny-side-up vegetable shakshuka - the Middle Eastern speciality just screams rustic comfort food.