Planning A Christmas Party? Platter Up!

21 November 2018 | Schwartz

birds eye shot of Christmas food platter with cheese, olives, houmous, ham, skewers

Hosting a party doesn’t have to mean stressing over three course meals and stacks of dishes the next day. Especially during the festive
season. After all, isn’t Christmas all about sharing? We suggest trying one of these delicious platters. With a pinch and a sprinkle of Schwartz herbs and spices, the superior quality and flavour will make even the simplest platter as tasty as the fanciest of dishes.

The Very Merry Mediterranean platter:

Arrange this vibrant mezze platter with a colourful selection of vegetarian and meat snacks.

- artichoke hearts (canned)
- assortment of olives
- hummus, topped with olive oil and sprinkle of Schwartz Paprika
- dolomades
- grilled houllumi sprinkled with Schwartz Mixed Herbs
- 1 jar roasted red bell peppers
- block of feta, spinkled with Schwartz Mixed Herbs
- Spicy Spinach & Ricotta Tortilla
- Roasted Mediterranean Vegetables
- prosciutto
- your favourite spicy salami
- Mediterranean Lamb Kebabs
- crispy pita bread pieces

The Wonderful Wintery Vegan Platter:

A delightful plant-based platter.

- cashew ricotta
- radishes, halved
- baby carrots
- baguette crisps
- Quick Hummous

- Pickled Baby Beetroot in Spiced Vinegar
- Roasted Paprika Potatoes
- Tofu, Butternut Squash & Brussels Sprout Skewers
- Roasted Winter Vegetables

Indulgent platter:

A plateful of decadence, because if you can’t indulge at Christmas, when can you?

- a selection of your favourite cheeses
- quince paste
- fresh crusty bread
- slices of pear
- grapes
- pigs in pancetta blankets
- Camembert Fondue with Herb Pittas
- Smoked Salmon & Prawns with Dill & Beetroot
- Easy Cheese Straws Recipe
- Stuffed Mushrooms

Dessert Decadence Platter :

Do away with traditional desserts and serve guests this sumptuous tasting plate.

- chocolate-dipped strawberries
- figs, halved
- blueberry and raspberry skewers with Schwartz Cardamom spiced cream
- Chilli Chocolate Mince Pies
- Christmas Pancakes
- a selection of your favourite cheese and crackers
- Tiramisu Pots (replace sponge for Gingerbread for an extra Christmas twist)
- Ginger Snaps with Brandy Cream