8 Recipes to Add a Little Spice to your Health Kick

Kick off the New Year with a bang of flavour! 2021 means a fresh start and Schwartz is here to spice up your New Year healthy eating.

Following on from the lockdown Christmas festivities we are all in need of a new year health kick!

Banish the bland with the freshest cooking inspiration that will not only taste good but do you good too! These delicious healthy meals are easy to make, super-satisfying and packed with goodness. It will be clean plates all round!

Healthy Recipes Full of Flavour

New Year's healthy eating resolutions don't need to be bland, insipid affairs. You can still serve up mouthwatering healthy meals by simply adding Schwartz spices and seasonings to create nutritious, tasty food.

Healthy eating with a boost - simply add Schwartz flavours!

Our herbs and spices are great for adding a flavour kick to healthy recipes.
Picked with care. Packed with flavour.


The perfect spice for adding depth to your dishes.

Did you know... we wait for up to 20 years for our cinnamon trees to mature giving time to develop a sweet, warm and aromatic flavour.



There's no mistaking the wonderfully zingy presence of ginger, a popular spice in cuisines across the world.

Did you know... our Ginger is ground from whole to maintain it’s warm and spicy flavours



We only crush and dry fresh whole garlic cloves.Our garlic has a beautifully crisp aroma and classic taste to finish your dishes with fantastic flavour.

Did you know... our Garlic is ground from whole for a sweet



Part of its appeal is its component, curcumin, which gives it many of its unique properties.

Did you know... our turmeric comes from mature plants, typically aged 6-8 months giving them time to develop bright colour, flavour and active ingredient content.

Tasty Recipe Flavours From Around the World

Our Seasonings are inspired by cuisines from far flung corners of the globe.

It’s so easy to transform a mundane meal into something that will set your pulse racing by simply adding Schwartz Seasonings and flavours!

Schwartz Seasonings - perfect for flavourful meals!

Our seasoning blends pack in the flavour to make your favourite delicious dishes in minutes. Excellent for a quick mid-week meal or a tasty treat when you're short on time.
Piri Piri

Piri Piri

Our Piri Piri seasoning is expertly blended with chillies, garlic and citrus peel to give you a taste of Portugal.

Jamaican Jerk

Jamaican Jerk

Our Jamaican Jerk chicken seasoning is expertly blended with allspice, chilli powder and thyme to give you a taste of the Caribbean.

Chinese 5 Spice

Chinese 5 Spice

Our Chinese 5 Spice is expertly blended with five classic spices, black pepper and garlic for a taste of Asia.

Cajun Seasoning

Cajun Seasoning

Our Cajun Seasoning is expertly blended with chilli powder, allspice and thyme for a taste of Louisiana.

Also available in Extra Spicy and Smoky flavours!

Take your health kick to tasty new levels with Turmeric

With an unmistakeable, bright yellow hue, turmeric isn't just known for its many uses in cooking. Part of this tropical spice's appeal is its main component, curcumin, which gives it many of its unique properties including its bright yellow colour.